Welcome to the Charles de Kunffy clinics page for California, Arizona, and the surrounding Western states.

The focus of these clinics is based upon fundamental principles of horsemanship, which are universally applicable to all styles of riding.  As Charles always says, “there are only two kinds of riding - good and bad.”  Charles’ depth of knowledge from which he draws is that of classical training - both extensively experiential as well as thoroughly academic.  These two inseparable qualities, what it truly means to be “a rider”, are brought forth in his brilliant gift of teaching, in which he deeply illuminates what we all search for in our hours of practical experience.  The new insights with which every participant at his clinics will leave, become irreplaceable and well used tools in the equestrian's toolbox.

With his incredible sense of humor fortified by a lifetime of education and training with many of the world’s greatest masters, the lecture component of each clinic is delightful, insightful, and rich with indispensable value.  His lectures will offer what is absent in the world of modern horsemanship and education, and will include plenty of time for Q&A and discussion. 

The riding aspects of the clinics are equally dynamic.  Charles welcomes riders and horses of all levels, and each ride produces tremendous material for the horse and rider as well as auditors. Each horse and rider are run through a series of traditional movement patterns to assess strengths and weaknesses and another set to then build strength and increase suppleness. Throughout the ride, Charles explains the theory of why the movements are being used and what they do for the horse and/or rider; so the audience can then generalize this information to horses they encounter away from the clinic.  He also assesses the specific horse and rider's performance in these movements so they have items to take away from the clinic to work on after they return home.

Charles expects the clinic riders to attend the lectures.  Doing so will enhance their ride time as an accompaniment to the material, thereby not spending valuable time in repetition.

Upcoming Clinics